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We believe that we need to take care of immunity every day when a cold catches us, it is often too late. That is why every day we make sure that we do not get sick. Today I will answer the question how to increase immunity every day.

Vitamin C

Preventively accepted daily. Necessarily natural. We all take it, without exception. In what dose? It's best to ask a good doctor what dose is right for each member of your family.

Vitamin D

Underestimation, formerly supplemented mainly for children, today more and more publications alert about the huge deficiencies of this vitamin in our population. I went and examined. I have 6x too low! So I won't tell you how much to take her, you have to check it out for yourself. We all examined the level of vitamin D and together with the doctor determined the supplementation. Vitamin D we also buy natural, on prescription.

Linseed oil

Since we start each day with a portion of vitamin D, we immediately drink it with a tablespoon of linseed oil. After all, vitamin D dissolves in fat, but not only because. Linseed oil has amazing properties, of which many books have already been written. It is important that the oil is not refined and cold pressed. Why? In the refining or purification process, the oil is deprived of all precious ingredients and becomes defective, not to say worthless.

Coconut oil

Another miracle of nature, which favorite applications I wrote to you here. We smuggle it in meals, possibly "raw". Here, the same principle applies as for linseed oil - it must be unrefined.

Black lilac

Another miracle strengthening the whole body. Santa cuts it in twice a day, together with porridge.


A teaspoon of honey. But not for hot tea, which destroys its bactericidal effect. On a spoon and straight to the mouth. Personally, I don't like, but I like to be healthy. Due to the high concentration of allergens in honey, special care should be taken when giving it to babies. We haven't dared yet, so we eat alone.

Zero chemistry

Insofar as we sometimes sin in our pursuit of our duties, we make no exceptions to Santa. His diet does not contain sugar, glucose-fructose syrup, monosodium glutamate or preservatives. Instead of deep-frozen bread from the market, we serve homemade bread, the recipe for which I served you here, instead of instant porridge, which contains little porridge, and a lot of milk powder and palm oil and artificial flavors, eats ordinary 100% spelled porridge, which takes us a few minutes - we have time to start the fruit. We replace sausages with homemade pate. We strongly believe that we are what we eat and it has a huge impact on our health. I know that I will not save my child all my life, but I believe that the longer I can provide full-fledged products and do not give food chemistry, the better.

Daily walks

Santa spends at least an hour outdoors every day. Qatar is not an obstacle to walking. It shrinks nicely and relieves. The only situation where we would stay at home is a fever and a huge downpour.